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Intelli-Rink combines modern web-based control and energy savings for your facility's refrigeration plant, de-humidification systems, and rooftop HVAC systems.


Intelli-Rink replaces traditional 30-day old data with "real-time" data, which results in immediate savings to you.


Easy-to-use web-based graphic interface gives the operator immediate, live visual data` with animated mechanicals.


The accuracy of our infrared temperature sensors allow for precise control and automatically adjust from occupancy, lighting and heat sources. Utilizing outside weather data, our system automatically predicts, with optimization, when to raise or lower the ice temperature, thus reducing ice stress and saving energy.


Electrical demand is constantly monitored, and load sheding occurs to reduce the peak demand, making your system demand response friendly. 


Under floor slab heating is precisely controlled preventing additional wasted energy and load on the refrigeration equipment.

  • Compressor Staging

  • Compressor Load/Unloading

  • Brine Pump Control

  • Infrared Ice Surface Sensing

  • Under Floor Heat Control

  • Alarms via Email/Cellular

  • WWW access thru any browser

  • Drag & Drop Event Scheduling



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